Keywords for the Best Canva Elements

Your cheat sheet to finding beautiful Canva Elements

The best elements on Canva are normally hidden under hundreds of outdated ones. We've curated a list of quality assets and their keywords so you can design faster & better on Canva.

Here's a preview of the Elements I curateπŸ‘‡

Each time I come across a high-quality Element, I note down their exact search keywords & related info. There are 700+ of them in my Elements database currently.

The best Elements on Canva are buried under hundreds of mediocre ones πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ That is why I...

... note down keywords of awesome elements each time I discover them. They are all here on this website now to ease reference for future designs.

  • Curated for Designs in 2021

    Using "outdated" design assets can make your designs look cheap. Unfortunately, there are thousands of them in Canva. The elements I share here are curated to suit the design trends of today.

  • Growing List of Keywords

    There are 200+ keywords for awesome Elements at the launch of this website (July 2021). Each month, I add about 30-50 more as I discover them.

  • For Canva Free & Pro Users

    There are thousands of high-quality free Elements that look premium on Canva. I clearly label the Free & Pro ones on this website.

Features Worth Noting

Stop the Endless Scrolling. Find Design Elements Faster.

🌱 Growing Keywords List

I am continuously adding more keywords for awesome elements as I discover them. There are 200+ keywords in the database today.

πŸ—‚ Filter by Category

Easily filter the keywords by category. There five categories currently: People, Objects, Abstract & Shapes, Alphabets and Others.

πŸ’° Filter by Pro vs. Free

If you only want to see Elements that are "Free" or "Pro", you can do that.

🎨 Color-Customizable

I have labeled each Element to show whether their colors can be editted.

πŸ”Ž Search Feature

I have added tags to each element with relevant keywords. These tags are searchable.

πŸ”— Click to Open on Canva

Click on the keywords to open them on Canva directly. You can then copy-paste the elements directly into your design.

πŸ‘₯ Membership Pricing

Here are the different membership tiers available right now.

I am centralizing all Canva Keywords that I discover on this platform. Be a premium member to get full access.


I first shared my πŸ”—list of 101 Keywords for Premium-Looking Free Elements (PDF) in May 2021.

It went "viral" on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and I received a lot of positive feedback.

That motivated me to start a monthly newsletter sharing new keywords that I discover each month.

I have shared four lists so far and I realized a problem: having multiple lists to refer to is troublesome.

To make it easier for Canva designers and me to browse and filter the curated list of Canva Elements, I created this website.

If this project gets support, I plan to add more features in the future, for example:

  • Keywords for Quality Design Templates

  • Keywords for Photos & Videos on Canva

  • Upvoting so we can crowdsource opinions

  • Save as Favourite

  • User submission

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